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Tips For Removing Hair Dye Faster

All of us have used a colour in our hair that has not come out as intended. Some of us perhaps more than once *cough*.

So these are some tips on removing your hair dye faster, without damaging your hair (this will help speed up the fading process, but won’t remove it completely).


  • Wash hair with hot water (cold water helps maintain colour, whereas hot/warm will wash it out faster).
  • Wash hair with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Yes, you read correctly; baby shampoo. I have just tried this and it works better than ANY other shampoo or shampoo/peroxide mix I have used before.
  • Wash hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo (removes hair dye much faster than regular shampoo).
  • Shampoo twice each hair wash.
  • Wash hair with a shampoo and bleach mix. (To do this mix up one part bleach powder with 1 part peroxide, mix and then add the same amount again of shampoo-so half shampoo, half bleach+peroxide.) Shampoo with the mixture as normal. I try and leave it on for up to 5 minutes at a time, constantly massaging through my hair to ensure it is even. Condition. And always follow this with a protein treatment to recondition your hair.

Apart from this, you can buy products specially designed to remove hair dye (eg color oops, colour zap, colorfix), I have not tried these before. Or, if all else fails, go to your hairdresser.


**UPDATE: if the above doesn’t work for you, check out my post on bleach baths as a stronger alternative.**

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  1. I recently had strips bleached and dyed a bright purple which was not the plan. If I use the head and shoulders shampoo will it pull the purple and just leave the bleached strips. They didn’t look so bad so I wouldn’t mind having the blonder strips just not the purple.


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