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Tips For Removing Hair Dye Faster

All of us have used a colour in our hair that has not come out as intended. Some of us perhaps more than once *cough*.

So these are some tips on removing your hair dye faster, without damaging your hair (this will help speed up the fading process, but won’t remove it completely).


  • Wash hair with hot water (cold water helps maintain colour, whereas hot/warm will wash it out faster).
  • Wash hair with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Yes, you read correctly; baby shampoo. I have just tried this and it works better than ANY other shampoo or shampoo/peroxide mix I have used before.
  • Wash hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo (removes hair dye much faster than regular shampoo).
  • Shampoo twice each hair wash.
  • Wash hair with a shampoo and bleach mix. (To do this mix up one part bleach powder with 1 part peroxide, mix and then add the same amount again of shampoo-so half shampoo, half bleach+peroxide.) Shampoo with the mixture as normal. I try and leave it on for up to 5 minutes at a time, constantly massaging through my hair to ensure it is even. Condition. And always follow this with a protein treatment to recondition your hair.

Apart from this, you can buy products specially designed to remove hair dye (eg color oops, colour zap, colorfix), I have not tried these before. Or, if all else fails, go to your hairdresser.


**UPDATE: if the above doesn’t work for you, check out my post on bleach baths as a stronger alternative.**

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  1. I am deeply and sincerely grateful for your tips on quickly fading semi/demi permanent color. I tried a new brand (splat) and was NOT happy with the results. I wanted the color out asap, but did not want to bleach twice in one week. The Johnson’s baby shampoo got over 95% of the color out and did not destroy the quality of my hair.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. You’re very welcome :)

  3. Hi,
    I am 52 and have permanently colored for years. I am originally medium/dark brunette who started going grey at 30. I started to grow it out and I am 75% white or more! Have not colored at all since October and then only roots. I have used temporary when we go anywhere otherwise a hat. My color is partially that brassy, reddish that occurs and white. Will the baby shampoo help with the brassy? I have thought if it works and the brassy is still a problem finding the blue conditioner. Any help is appreciated as I would prefer NOT to look like a calico cat for the next couple of years!
    Thank you.

  4. I don’t believe baby shampoo would help with the brassiness as it has no pigment. The blonde toner shampoos work as they have purple pigment which counters the orange tones, keeping blonde hair a whiter ‘cleaner’ looking blonde.

    Not sure what a purple shampoo would do on reddish brassy hair. But I’d probably recommend trying one of the Revlon colour bombs (nutricolour?). I use the 600 on my bright red hair and it is a really nourishing treatment that refreshes the colour. They have a large range of colours. Bit pricey but WELL worth it. I buy mine off eBay.

  5. hi, so 4 months ago i bleached my hair and then colored it turquoise and now it’s like green and i’m kinda tired of it so if i use head & shoulder to speed it up, can i then color it blonde (my natural hair) without having green shades in it?

  6. Teagan Brown says:

    I have dark dark brown hair and it looks black I wanted dark brown but my stylest messed up I guess any tips on how to get it out faster ?

  7. Yes, any of the tips in my blog post.

  8. hey,
    i have natural sandy blonde hair and have dyed all different colours pink, purple, blue, green. At the moment it is baby blue and is slowly naturally fading but i want to fasten the process up, do you think the baby johnson shampoo will take very long for lighter shades?

  9. It works faster on veggie-based kinda dyes (eg manic panic, special effects etc) but the time it takes will depend on your hair condition and what other colours you’ve got in there. If the shampoo on its own doesn’t work, and you want it lighter to redye it, try the bleach bath (DON’T do this if you want it back to your natural colour underneath the dyes as it contains bleach so will strip your colour).

  10. Hey there,
    Sunday morning I dyed my hair deep purple and it looks more black, ugh. So, I was just wondering if the shampoo worked on getting it out for you? I used the new Vidal Sassoon luxe color and it said 48 washes on it and then permanent on the bottom of box, so I’m not sure if that means semi-permanent. What do think? Thanks in advance for you help. :-)

  11. It’s most likely NOT going to completely remove it, but it WILL help speed up the fading. Depending on what you’re natural colour/colour under the deep purple is, will affect the end result. If it said permanent on the box, then it would be permanent.

  12. Hi, I’ve been dying my hair dark reddish brown for four years using ion demi hair dye. My natural hair color is strawberry blonde, and I am desperate to have my natural hair back. I haven’t dyed my hair in about 6 months, but my hair is not really fading–only my roots are growing with my natural color. My question is.. Does it matter how LONG you’ve been dying your hair? If it has been 6 mo since I’ve dyed my hair, will the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo still work?

  13. For complicated colour questions I’d recommend asking a hairdresser, I only go off my own experience.

    I would imagine it would still work, but would take longer. As, if you’ve been dyeing it a long time, there will be more colour built up.

  14. just wondering have you ever used “splat” hair dye? I used the blue and i’ve heard this is a direct dye, well a few months having this color and now im sick of it. My ends are maybe 3″ along with my long bangs are previously bleached. So now i used color oops, it did really well at taking out the color but after washing my hair it now has a tint of green/mint color on the bleach. How should I try and remove the tint without bleaching or using another box of color remover cuz my hair has been damaged and that stuff stinks.

  15. I dyed my hair about 5 months ago and it was fine while it lasted but my roots are coming through and my parents made the decision that i can’t dye my hair anymore. My roots make my hair look disgusting.
    Im just looking for a way to remove the color fatser to get it back to my natural color. Will Johnson’s baby soap help with this? Like will it get it back to my normal color?
    Thanks – Kayla

  16. Baby shampoo (or anti dandruff shampoo) are just that; shampoo. They aren’t a bleach or colour remover. They will do what a shampoo will do, only they do it a bit faster. So instead of shampooing 20 times to fade some color, they may do it in 10 (depending on your hair etc).

  17. How many washes does it take to remove thedye with the johnsons baby shampoo? And does it remove it completely?

  18. I Know Black Is Hard To Get Out. I Am A Natural Blonde Who Went Black( Never Again) I Have Tried Just About Everything Short Of Bleaching What Else Can I try

  19. I’ve brown hair I dyed green and then dyed back brown my hair looks multicoloured so I was just wondering if the baby shampoo will clear some of this green

  20. I bleached my hair a few months back and dyed it pimpin purple ( by special effects). It had begun fading into a bright pink color and I was in the process of finding a job so I got this deep red box color from the store and it turned my hair a BRIGHT red, almost fire engine red. I ended up going to the salon to see if they could get the color out. They used a stripper and it barely took any of the color out so they just used a very dark brown over it and left it that way. Which made my hair have weird purpley red streaks. I have left it that way for a few months, and I decided it was time to get rid of that color too. I picked up a few boxes of bleach and started bleaching my hair tonight. Now my hair is back to that bright pink color, I just want my hair to be a normal color, preferably a medium blonde color. I am going to try using the baby shampoo and dandruff shampoo in a few minutes to see if I can get some more of the pink out before my next bleaching session tomorrow morning. Hopefully that works. If anyone has any feedback or tips they would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Try doing a bleach bath instead, as it will be less harsh on your hair than a straight bleaching, and may be all it needs.

  22. Okay so yesterday was my first time ever bleaching or dying my hair. I used splat and got it red, how do I get the red out of my hair ASAP.? Or go to my original color brown? Please help me. I’m really not liking this color at all.

  23. Omg… so I had to come write here after reading posts about my disastrous night. It’s 5 am and I couldnt even sleep due to the monstrosity my hair had become with the dark purple SPLAT. I recently did the blue and was in love with it, I was ready for another color (I have several I purchased to try), and was concerned about the blue /black the was left in my hair. A lil back story, I did the blue on my natural color then decided to bleach the front strands and a small part of my underhair. The blue hadnt washed out yet so I decided to rebleach the front and under hair, and like an idiot, decided to bleach the rest of my hair for a quick 10 minutes to get the blue out completely. Well I definitely effed up the bleaching all over but was like Screw it! I’ll dye it the purple, no1 will notice! Holy hell balls it was horrific! I’m not sure if it was the purple, the bleach job or god telling me your to old to dye your hair, but it was a mess! I wish I had a pic but I was bright purple in the front and underhair and a very strange cranberry pink/purple for the rest! So after trying to go to sleep, failing miserably!, I started looking up how to get this out. .. being that splat is a direct dye, most things dont work. I tried color oops earlier to get the blue out and that did nothing. I figured my only hope was either washing my hair vigorously for days or re bleaching it again… and my hair is thin, I knew it would break off if I did. So ive been researching and what I tried was 
    * johnsons baby shampoo
    * a little hydrogen peroxide
    * some baking soda thrown in
    * and I used a tablespoon, maybe more, of the base for the bleach that comes with splat. 
    To be more specific, not the packet of bleach, but the bottle of oxide you ADD the packet of bleach to.
    I brushed it over the front and under hair for 10 minutes and then did rest of my hair. Put a cap on my head and left it for 15- 20 minutes. 
    Lemme tell you folks,,, about 80% of the color came out! !! If not more! ! The front and underhair that i bleached blonde is now a lavenderish color and the rest of my hair is back to the light brown color from when I bleached for ten minutes. .. still a mess.. BUT holy crap what a difference! ! Much better then what I started off with lemme tell you! I really wanna do something with whats left but instead put on a deep intensive conditioner and im leaving it on for a few hours. Hopefully this helps for anyone else with the same issue!

  24. Hi guys I’ve very dark brown hair I suppose black
    And I dip dyed my hair a caramel colour and I have
    Very very long hair which I wouldent like to lose
    And since there is bleach in the dye I can’t get it out
    So do any if yee think the Johnsons baby shampoo
    Will work

    Rlly need some advice

  25. Bleach is removing colour, so shampooing won’t help.

  26. Hi I have naturally dark chocolate brown, almost black hair. And I got it dyed way too light, a light brown which gives off blonde tones. Any idea how to go back to darker hair or to darken the colour without using more hair dye?

  27. Hi my daughter has natural dark brown hair, which she bleached and dyed blue, parts of it are a nice blue, others greeny blue, others green. She wants to get it back to brown. I have been researching and think fading it with anti dandruff shampoo or baby shampoo is the best way. Then put a redish brown dye over the top. My question, how much do we need to fade it before redying?


  28. Just think of it kind of like paint. The colour you fade it to is going to be your “base coat”. So obviously the more you can fade, the more true to colour your “top coat” will be.

  29. Hit I have a nice almost platinum blonde and I was doing a root touch up at tried using a ash blonde to remove the brassy tone from my roots and it turned a little part of my blonde a purple tint. Will baby shampoo help fade that or will bleach get rid of it?

  30. Can you help my hair is a purple colour I used it twice I used the permanent live colour I’m naturally blonde and I want to go back to my natural colour what would you suggest thanks maddie xx

  31. If the baby shampoo isn’t working, you could find that colour remover stuff (“colour oops” I think it’s called?)

  32. Washing up liquid also works I dyed my hair purple and wanted to go back blonde so the hairdresser said use washing up liquid to bring the colour out and lighten it, I did and it worked. I then had a dark brown almost black put on and used the same thing and im now back to blonde :) it took a few months but I got there

  33. I’m glad that worked for you. Dishwashing liquid can be quite damaging and drying as it isn’t designed for hair and is a harsh chemical, so if you already have damaged or dry hair I’d avoid it.

  34. was almost silver says:

    I went to the salon to have my hair dyed purple. It came out lavender. The stylist did a plum rinse . I did not like it then I don’t like it now it has been over two weeks. I been washing it with Head and Shoulders. How long before I can get the plum out , and dye my hair silver

  35. Without knowing exactly what they did and used, then I have no idea.

    If the hairdresser didn’t do what you asked for you should go back to them and get them to fix it.

  36. i had my hair ombre and i didnt like it so i dyed over it with dark brown and almsot looks black, if i use heads and shoulders how long will it take for the colour to fade?

  37. I used paintbox fudge in the colour purple haze. I bleached my hair prior. The colour came out disgusting and i hated it at first sight. I washed it a couple times with head and shoulders and it turned blue in places!!! Lol. Now it looks wayy worse. Im going to try a bleach bath but i may have to get a trim after this. My poor hair. Ill never touch paintbox fudge ever again because obviously my hair doesnt like it.

  38. Colour stripper works but you would have to do it 2 or 3 times. I did it once and my hair was really dry. I ended up going back dark. Atleast now i know what to do and not to do next time.

  39. My natural hair is dark brown, but i wanted it to be lighter and it turned out to that dark blonde, i want my natural haitr color back so will the dandruff shampoo work??

  40. My natural hair is dark brown, but i wanted it to be lighter and it turned out to that dark blonde, i want my natural haitr color back so will the dandruff shampoo work?? P

  41. I am attempting to get my natural hair color back without having to wait for my hair to grow the color out but I have a mix of blonde, black and red. What is the best way to get rid of the three colors I have without damaging or causing harm to my hair???

  42. I have natural dark brown hair and a month or so back, I got bleached streaks in my hair, I dyed those streaks teal and I liked it for a long time but now I’m getting tired of it and want the bleach streaks and the natural brown back, what do you recommend me to do to keep my natural brown AND the bleach streaks BUT take out the teal off the bleach. I have tried dandruff soap (head and shoulders)
    And it isn’t really working that much, it is taking to same amount of time for it to regularly come out, but how can it come out faster?

  43. AnnMarie Kelly says:

    Went through this phase of wanting my hair a kinda purple. She suggested plum so she did it and it is literally as purple as you can get!!! I’m so sick and tired of people making stupid little comments about it and getting looks everywhere I go! It is a bright enough colour so how long will it take to tone down? I’ve only started it today, going to the hairdressers tomorrow aswell

  44. Just yesterday i dyed my hair honey with blonde highlights and i hate it. I’m okay with the honey color but not the blonde highlights. I think that the blonde does not match me. I don’t want to re-dye my hair. Is there another way? I’m graduating in 2 days and i’m hoping that there’s a miracle. Thank you

  45. Hi, I just dyed my hair brown and it came out too light on top. How do I darken it?? My hair was originally dark/ brown-black

  46. how long would it take to get back my natural hair color

  47. Hey I have died my hair a permenant red about two months ago it has grown out a lot and faded quite a bit will baby shampoo lift the rest of the dye or will I need to strip it with Coles hair stripper and if I do strip it will my hair be my natural hair colour x

  48. I have got streaks done…it changed to orange. So now i got it colored to black. Now my hair shines black and part of streaks shine as Burgundy. The hairdresser left a streak by mistake that looks brownish orange. How do i remove that? What if i use baby shampoo? Does the entire hair color including the previous streaks get removed?? Please help

  49. Blue is the hardest to get out of your hair besides black. It is much harder especially is it is semi permanent. I’ve hears the best way to remove semi permanent hair dye is to crush up 1000mg of vitamin C and mix with head and shoulders and leave it in your hair for 1hr-10hr etc…

    I tried the One N’ Only color removal kit on my blue/teal hair it didn’t strip very well but it did lighten it. Also you can use it up to 3 times depending on how long your hair is.

    Permanent hair dye is a lot easier to remove. So if you want blue hair reminder it is the hardest to remove.

  50. Blue is the hardest to get out of your hair besides black. It is much harder especially if it is semi permanent. I’ve heard the best way to remove semi permanent hair dye is to crush up 1000mg of vitamin C and mix with head and shoulders and leave it in your hair for 1hr-10hr etc…

    I tried the One N’ Only color removal kit on my blue/teal hair it didn’t strip very well but it did lighten it. Also you can use it up to 3 times depending on how long your hair is.

    Permanent hair dye is a lot easier to remove. So if you want blue hair reminder it is the hardest to remove.

  51. So I have the hair color splat lucious raspberry in my hair and I’m trying to remove it so I tried bleaching it our but that only made it look like a reddish pink considering the fact that it only bleach around my hairline now it looks horrible so I went to Walmart and got this kit called color oops but that didn’t work neither any suggestions and I’ve tried the baby shampoo it didn’t work

  52. Hey I just dyed my hair, Clairol’s Natural Instincts Medium Cool Brown. It says it lasts 28 shampoos but I really want it out now, don’t really like it. But I was wondering since it is a semi permanent if the baby shampoo will take the color out or not? Thanks

  53. On a whim, I decided to try the baby shampoo to help get rid of the hair dye that’s in my hair. Slowly but surely it is washing out. I would never in a million years have guessed that it would work, but its doing it. Half of my hair is already back to its original color. When I first told my husband that I was going to try this, he was skeptical, but now that he’s been seeing the results firsthand, he is impressed. I am happy that I am going back to my natural color (which is blonde), but I am still going to miss the red. Just didn’t have the time or money to keep up with it. Thanks for the tip !

  54. Anyone.. How long does the baby shampoo to work ? My other half died her hair with the splat red dye and can’t start working til its out . we need help !!

  55. Hello! I dyed my hair honey blonde (permanent-fark&lovely), but I want to take it out. Can i, and how?

  56. my hair is a natural brown, i have purple streaks and ends and i am perfectly happy with the colour but i have decided to donate hair to the little princess cancer trust and so i need the colour natural, will this work on purple as well as natural badly dyed colours?

  57. In January I bleached and dyed my hair red. It was supposed to come out a nice dark red, but has ended up a pinker shade and I don’t like it. The box said it was permanent and I really hope it faded out eventually. This was my first time dying my hair. Will the color grow out? My hair was a medium brown naturally and I liked it.

  58. Hi,

    I went to a new salon yesterday to get highlights. My natural hair colour is a medium brown. In the past I have always had full head highlights so that I could build up a natural all over natural blonde colour which has worked really well in the past.

    The stylist recommended getting an all over dye and half head highlights so that I would be blonde quicker without having to build up my colour so I agreed to her suggestion. After it was all finished my hair is now quite yellowish looking and a bit orange in places and the highlights look white. I did want to be blonde but this is a bit stark and the slight orange does nothing for me.

    I was just wondering if I washed my hair with baby shampoo soon would it help fade the colour a bit.

  59. i have colored my hair purple with Argan Oil. I would like to remove it without destroying it. I am using the j&j shampoo and it’s slowly coming out. Is there a way of speed up the process? Plus some reason i can’t get the Argan Oil to cover my grays at the roots. I have got the stuff from Sally’s to get the color to stay but nothing is working. Please help

  60. My daughter has black hair. A few months ago we used a kit to bleach then dyed it blue. It looked great! Then we used same kit only with a purple dye. Not so great! Now she wants it brown, she only has about an inch of grow out. If I use a regular hair dye , will it work on her new growth to turn it brown? Or do I have to bleach again? Please help!

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